Kindle products are now accessible in Australia, eReaders are currently being dispatch direct from Amazon.

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Some Info about Kindle

  • Kindle is the best eReader on the market
  • has a long battery life.
  • light to carry
  • Stand alone eReader
  • It is built in a solid manner
  • has improved design, integrated store, and cross-platform transportability
  • Amazon has managed to intensified the contrast on the Kindle eReader so that the quality is well above its competitors such as Sony Readers, Nook,  according to PC Magazine

If you want to replace those heavy book you carry round, by switching to something more portable such as a portable reading device like Kindle, then look no further.

Models include new Paperwhite displays with Wi-Fi + 3G

Which Kindle would be the best to buy?

Kindle 3G with Wi-Fi

This is the coolest selection since there is no wireless setup. You buy your product and it is ready to go right out of the box since you do not have to mess around setting up your router connections.

It has a built-in Free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that is similar to many mobile phones. Best part there are no monthly fees or commitments as Amazon pays for your Kindle’s 3G wireless connectivity! It is more convenient to have the 3G since it enables you to download eBooks anywhere or anytime you choose particularly if you are on the go. With the Kindle 3G you do not need to find a Wi Fi spot to connect. Also the coverage of is available in over 100 countries so it is ideal for travelers.

Kindle Wi Fi

If you have a modem and a wireless router set up and working then Kindle Wi Fi is another great choice.It automatically connects to the internet via you modem. You can down load all the books you want from the comfort of your own home and this version is slightly cheaper then the 3G Kindle depending on the model.

Of course if you own a kindle then you may be looking for accessories for it.

Shop Amazon – All – New Kindle Paperwhite

New Kindle Paperwhite

Open books and turns pages 25% faster for a smoother experience. Kindle Paperwhite responds more precisely to the smallest touch and uses up-to-date in capacities touch technology to enhance a reader’s experience.

It also incorporates a no glare screen and this is extremely important if you are reading in direct sunlight. However if you enjoy reading at night whilst in bed, it has a build in light to prevent eye-strain.

Sharper, clearer text is created by utilizing a whiter background and blacker text. Higher resolution enable stylish typeface such as Baskerville and Palatino. By hand tuning the pixel level allows maximum comfort and read ability.

Another interesting feature is the new Page Flip feature, which allows you to skim pages or even chapters. If you really are impatient and want to sneak a peek at the ending you can do so without losing your place.

Additional to the above features is the fact you can take margin notes which can be edited, exported to your computer or even deleted if you no longer needs the notes. There is even a share section which is another great feature.

Your Own Digital Kindle

Have you ever though of writing an getting published on the world largest stage? If so then check out this digital kindle

There is a video that explains it all. If you have ever thought of writing an ebook but would like a template to help the check out MS Word Template Looking to get your hands on a Play Station 4? Or are you interested in learning more about iPads



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  1. I own a Kindle and since I bought it I have moved house and have a new email address.
    I want to buy some e-books but I cannot change my email address to do so as I cannot remember what the password is for my last address, how do I access shopping?


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